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Welcome to Sarvajna PU College of Science, Gulbarga. Sarvajna PU College has been established in the year of 2007-2008, to impart quality and high standard education especially for students who come from different backgrounds and society.

The Founder & Chairman Prof. Channareddy Patil has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Mathematics to more the 20000 students. During his journey of teaching through all these years made him realize the scarcity of overall education which not only involves Academic Development but also Moral Development and Personality Development. So with this notion a new college was born by name SARVAJNA.

Sarvajna today has established itself as one of the leading colleges in entire north Karnataka by imparting training for IIT, AIMPT, AIEEE & Other competitive examinations by educating more than 2000 students every year.

Prof.Channareddy Patil
Founder & Chairman
Dear Parents/Guardian,
Its gives me immense pleasure and happiness to welcome you all to our college website. As the saying goes “Work is Workship”, we at Sarvajna are highly committed towards the saying and always look forward in imparting quality and high standard education.
Smt.Geeta Channareddy Patil
Dear Parents/Guardian,
Sarvajna has a loving and educational environment that feels like a second home to your child, and our staff and students a "second family". We nurture and teach your child in a comfortable and fun place that allows him/her to reach their fullest potential.


  • Sarvajna has launched its website on 29th September 2013
  • Students and Parents can log on to our website to see all the latest ongoing events, markes scrored and other details online.
  • Dasava Nidhi (Shiva Nidhi) - An initiative to encourage,promote and education for finacial backward students.